Monday, June 29, 2009

Gaga for Glasses

If you like Ray Ban (wannabe) Shades and if you adore Lady Gaga then you are in luck! The pop star has new merchandise for her fans... Official Lady Gaga Sunglasses, and just in time for summer. Purchase a pair here at the Lady Gaga Official Store

If Lady Gaga starts to venture off into fashion design I think her first stop will be eyewear, I mean how could she not... she's obsessed!
I think she would be an amazing designer, she designs most of her costumes and I love all of it. I'm sure a good amount of people will disagree but she's a performer they have to be outrageous that's what they do... if she didn't put on a good show then why would I care about her?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Blues

Things have been a little crazy the past week so there has been a lack of updates. Today I'm technically working but things are really slow so I've been lurking around on Look Book... my god everyone is so freak'n good looking on that site!

I have decided this summer I am crazy about the color blue, maybe because it reminds me of the water and all I care about this year is spending as much time by the pool, beach and hopefully a lake or river. I don't personally own much of anything that's blue but I'll work it out.

Here are some cuties from Look Book

Iisa A 16years old

Alice M 21years old

The6thswan 26years old

Cris M 22years old

Rodrigo G 19years old

Bo M 19years old

I really like this girl rocking the men's boxers under her tight jeans. Reminds me of when I was a big Tomboy in high school and I used to wear boxer shorts under my jeans... NOT comfortable I don't know how guys deal with it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Buys

I scored at the sample sale today!... I really only went in hopes to get one of Dear Creatures sailor blouses but unfortunately she was out of stock of the particular one I wanted, I did manage to get a similar style and two other great pieces from her Fall '08 collection.

The only other designer at the sale I liked was Wow & Flutter, great quality clothing and the perfect wear to work basics for me.

Total spent today: $130.00

Wow & Flutter Dress

Wow & Flutter Top

Wow & Flutter Button up Top

Dear Creatures Blouse, I love it

Dear Creatures Blouse

Dear Creatures Romper, sadly this doesn't fit me too well it was really reallllly hard to get on and off.. there is no way I could wear it out for a night for "drinking" because trying to go to the bathroom would be a nightmare.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sample Sale in LA this Weekend!

Fire Design

Last night I had a dream that a fire started on an electrical something or other that I was building or fixing, the exact details of my dream have become fuzzy now that I am awake and moving about, but in the dream I was running around screaming why don't I have a fire extinguisher?!

The point of this post is early this morning I was browsing my favorite lifestyle site and they mentioned this French company called Fire Design who makes these fancy little fire extinguishers. Now is that not a huge sign or what?... this is not a joke I really had the dream, woke up thought "wow I really don't have one in the apt", then saw these... weird.

This design is my favorite out of the collection, it also comes in fire engine red and chrome... awesome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I LOVE my Sexuali-Tee

My favorite item from American Apparel is the Sexuali-Tee and Sexuali-Tank, I own four of each in White and Black sooo I own 16 pieces... noooo I'm not obessed! mmmm okay maybe I am. I think I just like it because of the name... when I can't find one of mine I like screaming "Where's my SexualiTee!"

Now last week I was browsing Urban Outfitters online, not really sure what I was looking for maybe just any cute basics when I noticed the clothing line BDG has their own version of the "Sexuali-Tee" but called "Cowl Neck Tee" so of course because it's on sale for only $14.99! I bought one so I could to a comparison.

They are basically the same, now I am torn which brand do I like better?

I look like Tom Cruise from Top Gun in these photos

BDG fits like and actual woman's size T-shirt should and it's half the price of American Apparel. The actual cut and hem around the neck line is a little "wonky" but maybe I just got a bad one OR thats how they thought you get the baggy/stretched out look. Buy one here:

When I purposely shrink my American Apparel Sexuali-Tee I like the box shape it creates, although it's still a little too big on me. I do like that you can wear it as a dress. Buy one here:

If I had to choose? I would say go for the BDG version it's a better fit and half the price but I'm sure only for a limited time, that's one of the only good things about AA is their shit is always available.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CHANEL Concept Car Update

A while back I did a post about CHANEL transportation and found a concept car designed by Jinyoung Jo, Well I found more photos of the CHANEL fashion concept car... along with a commercial.

I still don't like it.

Fiole Chanel Fashion Car Concept from Tuvie on Vimeo.

Polite Umbrella

It must be the gloomy weather here in Los Angeles that has got me thinking about buying a new umbrella. I must say someone has answered my prayers with the Polite Umbrella! I am seriously super paranoid about getting poked in the eye by an umbrella as I am sure many other people are... but now I can be sure to not poke other peoples eyes out as well as fully shielding my face from other possible dangerous umbrellas being carried by careless people.

Now if only CHANEL would jump on this idea and brand the shit out of it, everyone will want one then.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Velvet Leaf

Laura is the "Velvet" bringing an edgy and classic look to the line while Becky is the "Leaf" with the vintage feel.

Back in 2006 the sisters came together to create a certified organic clothing line. Since then they have been creating clothing that they say interprets sixties bent clothing with a hand-crafted sophisticated feel.

You can shop Velvet Leaf on their website Velvet Leaf and at Revolve Clothing

Seasons Past: Spring/Summer '08 and Fall/Winter '08

Love this desert collection,
I would wear all of it.. then jump around in the sand dunes.

all images from the VelvetLeaf website.