Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I LOVE my Sexuali-Tee

My favorite item from American Apparel is the Sexuali-Tee and Sexuali-Tank, I own four of each in White and Black sooo I own 16 pieces... noooo I'm not obessed! mmmm okay maybe I am. I think I just like it because of the name... when I can't find one of mine I like screaming "Where's my SexualiTee!"

Now last week I was browsing Urban Outfitters online, not really sure what I was looking for maybe just any cute basics when I noticed the clothing line BDG has their own version of the "Sexuali-Tee" but called "Cowl Neck Tee" so of course because it's on sale for only $14.99! I bought one so I could to a comparison.

They are basically the same, now I am torn which brand do I like better?

I look like Tom Cruise from Top Gun in these photos

BDG fits like and actual woman's size T-shirt should and it's half the price of American Apparel. The actual cut and hem around the neck line is a little "wonky" but maybe I just got a bad one OR thats how they thought you get the baggy/stretched out look. Buy one here:

When I purposely shrink my American Apparel Sexuali-Tee I like the box shape it creates, although it's still a little too big on me. I do like that you can wear it as a dress. Buy one here:

If I had to choose? I would say go for the BDG version it's a better fit and half the price but I'm sure only for a limited time, that's one of the only good things about AA is their shit is always available.