Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Blues

Things have been a little crazy the past week so there has been a lack of updates. Today I'm technically working but things are really slow so I've been lurking around on Look Book... my god everyone is so freak'n good looking on that site!

I have decided this summer I am crazy about the color blue, maybe because it reminds me of the water and all I care about this year is spending as much time by the pool, beach and hopefully a lake or river. I don't personally own much of anything that's blue but I'll work it out.

Here are some cuties from Look Book

Iisa A 16years old

Alice M 21years old

The6thswan 26years old

Cris M 22years old

Rodrigo G 19years old

Bo M 19years old

I really like this girl rocking the men's boxers under her tight jeans. Reminds me of when I was a big Tomboy in high school and I used to wear boxer shorts under my jeans... NOT comfortable I don't know how guys deal with it.