Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashion and Art always a beautiful mix

PRADA toilet made out of cardboard and thermal adhesive

CHANEL guillotine mixed media

CHANEL chainsaw made out of cardboard and thermal adhesive

Tom Sochs creations might mean that Prada is a shit box or that CHANEL is a tool for pain and destruction?... I have no clue I'm the worst at reading the hidden meaning in one's art. I just know I love it and think its amazing, and I plan to get the CHANEL chain saw tattooed on my little body somewhere. I've always wanted a CHANEL tattoo mostly because it's my last name but I never wanted the CoCo logo and I'm sure you can guess why... EVERYONE has that! I thought about just the name in bold but now that I have seen this... I can say "Fuck me gently with a (CHANEL) chain saw".

Check out more of Tom Sochs work it's all pretty amazing, even the Hello Kitty crying. Tom's Site