Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moustache May 2 weeks away

I myself am a huge fan of guys and moustache's always have been (don't know why my father never had one). For me the sleazeir the better but I always get a kick out of my guy friends and their insane handle bar moustache growth. So for those of you ladies (or dudes) who can't participate in growing a crazy fun stach then here is another fashionalbe option for you other than drawing on your finger with a Sharpie. The Moustashe ring! Sooo cute, I love it. So in honor of Moustache May I suggest you buy one they are only $45... and for those who love contests (and who can grow upper lip hair) check out Moustache it looks like they do their website yearly and the 2009 site isn't up just yet but check it out anyway and see last years submissions.

Where to buy the ring? Straight from Melanie! On a great site called Super Market HQ that has a ton of other wonderful independent designers and artists.