Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look Book it's all about the "HYPE"

I have been obsessed with this site called Look Book, its such a great idea for finding style all over the world instead of relying on street bloggers to find it for you. I will say that the street bloggers find more expensive taste in high fashion cities but Look Book allows anyone to show it off in one place and you can vote on the "Hype" for your favorites.

WHAT IS HYPE? users show their appreciation for styles they like by voting up, or adding "HYPE" points to their favorite looks. Along with how recently the look was posted, each vote helps to determine which looks are showcased on the HOT page—the more a look is hyped, the higher up it appears.

Here are a few of my favorites but seriously I really could post all day... so many on there, I suggest you take some time to look through the archives. Another plus is everyone is so good looking... so adorable, and I say adorable because the majority of the contributors are between the ages of 13-22. It's amazing how times have changed when I was 13 what to wear was the least of my worries.