Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bat my lashes

I undoubtedly adore musician Natasha Khan aka Bat for Lashes. She is a huge style inspiration, if I ever caught wind of her holding a yard sale I would book a flight to London ASAP just to be able to rummage through her stuff.

My love for her started a few years back when I saw a brilliant music video for her single "What's a Girl to Do". Now that she has a new album out I thought I would pull up some of my favorite photos of her personal style...

A few quotes by Natasha about personal style:

"I think for the very first album it was more my excitement at being let loose and free to be creative, and picking things out of the dressing up box, and swapping and changing things around that didn't necessarily fit together. I'd always had a love, more intellectually, of Native American folklore and I really liked strange photographers like Diane Arbus and all the beautiful drag queens of New York, and I really loved Nick Cave and his gothic dark things."

"When it came to people wanting to do press pictures early on I really delved into my inspirations and just picked out things that spoke to me in quite a spontaneous way. I feel like that's carried on, really. I've really developed my understanding of what I like to wear, and I've got more comfortable in my fashion and knowing what I like and don't like."

"There's so much weird politics and regulation about what's cool or authentic. And to me what's always been cool is not giving a shit what people think, that's the epitome of cool. If you have to dress a certain way to be cool or taken seriously then you're not being true to yourself, and that's quite sad really isn't it? I don't put any demands on anyone else, and I don't think anyone else should do the same."

"I like old fashion more than current stuff for men. I've noticed that the younger generation in Brighton are starting to look quite smart. Everyone looks like a poet or a writer, and I find that really sexy."

"I've seen Nick Cave around, and he does tend to be quite smartly dressed, but I have seen him in quite dress-down casual stuff, t-shirt and jeans I think maybe. He's not always the dark lord, and I'm not always the mystical, feather-wearing goddess."