Friday, May 08, 2009

L.A.M.B Fall '09

I'm really dig'n the first Jacket... and those black heals.

Speaking of Gwen it looks like she and the boys from No Doubt will be making an appearance on the Gossip Girl spin off as a fictional 80's band called "Snowed Out". Which is a bummer because I loved Gwen's cartoonish Disney Land character inspired style waaay back in the day when No Doubt were little young ones, it would have been nice to see that style in the show... but it makes sense since the time frame of the G.G. spin off wouldn't match up to when No Doubt was playing their first shows.

I don't think her wardrobe for the show is very "80's" but then again I haven't seen the episode, maybe it works somehow.

Here is a video of a young Gwen repairing her costume with a glue gun before a gig. It's so cute at one point the interviewer asks if she make clothes for other people and she says "No Way! I don't even have time"... ha ha. I have always loved Gwen I think she has been the longest standing style icon for me. I know some of her outfits and hair styles have been just outrageous but thats what's so great about her, she has the confidence to wear and do whatever she wants.