Thursday, May 07, 2009

Smoking Everywhere

This post really isn't about fashion, or it could be but its mostly about smoking everywhere without the nasty effects of tobacco. I personally don't smoke cigarettes but a good friend of mine does and has been trying to quit and in hopes to do so she has started using the Smoking Everywhere electronic cigarette. The idea is its suppose to help ween her off of the real thing, kinda like the patch. Except unlike the patch you still exhale "smoke" because of the vaporizer, it's crazy how this thing works. I'm not really sure this will help since this allows her to "smoke" everywhere and still she smokes real cigarettes when we venture outside, because the strength of the electronic cigarette is not as powerful as puffing on the real thing.

I will say this device does help me, because when I was doing my friends make up on a recent photo shoot I didn't have to deal with real cigarette smoke being blown in my face. Maybe all models should start smoking these to spare the few who don't smoke (ha ha, the very few)... and it might help on the skin care products and teeth bleaching they spend money on to stay looking in tip top model shape. I was also doing make up on a video shoot yesterday and one of the actors was saying how nice it it to get his make up done by someone whose hands don't smell like cigarettes. Smoking really is a nasty addiction.

To learn more about this cigarette of the future check out Smoking Everywhere

P.S. the model smoking is not my friend I was talking about.