Friday, May 22, 2009

Wheels are turning in Fashion

First came the CHANEL Bike, I would definitely ride this around...

...then very recently the CHANEL "Personal Transporter" made a debut at Cannes this year by actress Diane Kruger.

Segways crack me up I remember when they were once called the "transportation of the future", yet the only people I see driving them are security guards. I wonder if any CHANEL retail locations will have their security using these?

Now the CHANEL Concept Car has arrived! Designed by Jinyoung Jo a Korean car designer, The design of the car was "centered on simplicity of lines" and has a classic black and white color scheme to "follow in tradition with Coco Chanel's tailored suits".

Honestly I don't like it one bit, I would think a CHANEL branded car would be classic looking like a Rolls Royce. I wonder what Karl thinks of the car...