Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reinventing the Wheel: Alternative Makes Basics Fresh Again

Basics are a crucial part of every wardrobe.  We all have that one amazing t-shirt that fits just right or that one perfect tank that works with everything you put it under.  You know your go-to shirt to throw on to go get a cup of coffee, or that looks great styled under a sport coat for a night out. Below are a few of my current basic essentials from Alternative Apparel that are getting me through the steamy days and steamier nights in Los Angeles.

The first piece pictured is the Gym Rat Eco-Fleece Raglan.  I love this shirt and have been living in it as of late. It's a killer staple because it can be worn on its own, or paired with a short sleeved button up for a preppy yet casual warm weather look.  Personally, I like to cuff up the sleeves and wear it with one of the Burnout shirts also pictured.  Pair with some tailored shorts and high-top Vans to complete the look.  Don't forget the vintage shades.

Also pictured is The Perfect Crew.  You know what?  The name delivers.  The pima cotton is super soft and hangs like an expensive T, but doesn't break the bank at $35.  I really dig the black, it looks great under a blazer or on it's own.  

The line is extensive, but these are just a few of the pieces I have had the joy of obsessing over lately.  Check out the rest at

This is a photo of me in the studio as I write this, wearing the new Beachwood Heather Burnout Cut-Neck Ring.  A truly modern twist on a classic style.  Simple and standard, yet cutting-edge. Just what we live for at White and Black.